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  • How Rhythm Menagerie works

How Rhythm Menagerie Works – Video 2

Download FREE Menagerie Sample! How Rhythm Menagerie [...]

  • 3 big new rhythm resources coming + Download FREE sample of Rhythm Menagerie

3 Big New Rhythm Resources Coming + FREE Rhythm Menagerie Sample

Download FREE Menagerie Sample! 3 Big New [...]

  • The Making of a Star - big and bold solar eclipse music for elementary piano students | ComposeCreate.com

New Big Sounding Piece! Perfect for Solar Eclipse Excitement!

Is it Solar Eclipse Music? To tell you I am excited about this new piece would be an understatement! But here's why I'm so [...]

  • Summer ice cream and popsicle recital program

Ice Cream & Popsicle Recital Program! NEW!

Ice Cream and Popsicle Recital Program - New! I'm so excited to introduce the new summer ice cream and popsicle recital program! We've added [...]

  • piano fingering issues in African Safari

The Elephant’s Phone Number – Get students to pay attention to piano fingering!

The Elephants Phone Number - Piano Fingering Issues Many of you know African Safari is not only a new and popular Reading and Rote piece [...]

  • How to get paid on time for piano lessons by Wendy Stevens

How to Get Paid on Time for Piano Lessons

Get Paid on Time as a Piano Teacher! How do you get paid on time for piano lessons? Because after you have moved from [...]

  • music flip flop flashcards

NEW! Music Flip Flop Flashcards

Music Flip Flop Flashcards - Download FREE for now! Your students are going to love these new music flip flop flashcards! There are so many ways [...]

  • Cup tapping patriotic music

New Epic-Sounding Cup Tapping Patriotic Music!

New Epic Cup Tapping Patriotic Music Yes, you read that right. Today's the day we release cup tapping patriotic music! I haven't been this excited [...]

  • No Shoes from What Kids think Music series by Wendy Stevens

New Piece in the “What Kids Think Music” Series!

New Music from the "What Kids Think Music" Series I'm so excited to share about the newest piece that's part of the "What Kids [...]