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  • music flip flop flashcards

NEW! Music Flip Flop Flashcards

Music Flip Flop Flashcards - Download FREE for now! Your students are going to love these new music flip flop flashcards! There are so many ways you [...]

  • Cup tapping patriotic music

New Epic-Sounding Cup Tapping Patriotic Music!

New Epic Cup Tapping Patriotic Music Yes, you read that right. Today's the day we release cup tapping patriotic music! I haven't been this excited [...]

  • No Shoes from What Kids think Music series by Wendy Stevens

New Piece in the “What Kids Think Music” Series!

New Music from the "What Kids Think Music" Series I'm so excited to share about the newest piece that's part of the "What Kids [...]

  • Spring recital template for piano recitals!

New Spring Recital Template! – Add your own text

$6.99  Studio Use License (Use it for as many recitals as you ever have!) New Editable Spring Recital Template I'm so [...]

  • This is My Father's World from the new-fashioned hymn series by Wendy Stevens published by ComposeCreate.com

New-fashioned Hymn Series! Piece #1

New-Fashioned Hymn Series - A new collaboration! I'm so excited about this new-fashioned hymn series which we are launching today! I'm excited because it represents [...]

  • MTNA 2017 Pictures from ComposeCreate.com

The Sweet Spirit at MTNA 2017!

The Sweet Spirit of MTNA 2017 in Pictures Thank you to all who attended the ComposeCreate meet-up at MTNA 2017! I really can't begin [...]

  • 7 things you might not know about texting and emailing piano parents

7 Rules for Texting and Emailing Piano Parents – You may not be saying what you think you are saying!

7 Rules for Texting and Emailing Piano Parents - What you might not know can kill your message! Texting and emailing piano parents is [...]

  • MTNA 2017 Compose Create meet up!

MTNA 2017 Meet Up!

MTNA 2017 ComposeCreate Community Meet-up I'm so excited about this year's MTNA conference! There are so many wonderful sessions on the program. But what [...]

  • How to teach sonatinas to 21st century piano students

How to Teach Sonatinas to 21st Century Piano Students

How to Teach Sonatinas to 21st Century Piano Students Why is it important to know how to teach sonatinas to kids and teens in [...]