Women Composers: Composition Competitions

If you are a woman composer and are looking for some competitions that are not restricted especially to younger composers, then take a look at what the International Alliance for Women in Music has to [...]

Finale Notation Products

My students just finished their week of our Songwriting Workshop and we used Finale Notepad 2012 (free) to make lead sheets. While this is a very helpful tool, it has many limitations, so I wanted [...]

Summer Camp for Junior Composers

Someone recently told me about an excellent summer opportunity for jr. composers called The Junior Composers Institute. JCI will be held this year from July 15-21st in Minneapolis, MN. There is no restriction to applying [...]

Thoughts on Teaching Composition with Carol Klose

Thoughts on Teaching Composition with Carol Klose I am thrilled that there is finally a resource book for teachers on teaching composition to piano students!  Carol Klose has written Piano Teacher's Guide to Creative Composition [...]

Creating Interesting Harmony: RE-harmonizing

Compose Interesting Harmony One of the first harmonizing activities I like to do with all levels of students to compose interesting harmony is to harmonize and re-harmonize a familiar folk tune.  I particularly like to [...]