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New Sports Piano Music!

New Sports Piano Music If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? So why not embrace the power of sports and use sports piano music to motivate your piano students to practice?! Brand new, and just in time for the upcoming American Super Bowl craze, is an [...]

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The Perfect “Back-to-Piano in the Winter Piano Piece!”

The Perfect Winter Piano Piece for January - NEW! Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday break and are energized for 2017! But the likelihood of both of those things being true is probably not very high! January is just tough. And it's not just tough for [...]

A Look Inside the Process of Composing Music – What’s behind the NEW black key holiday piece!

The Process of Composing Music - What's behind the NEW black key holiday piece! We've all had beginning piano students who are just not ready to move to the white keys as quickly as their books think they are! Maybe you've also have students who have moved to the white [...]

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2016 All is Calm Release Party: FREE Holiday Gift Tags + Chance to Win $10 off Any Purchase!

$29.97  $25.97  Studio Licensed Bundle! Use for yourself and all students you directly teach!  [These are no longer available free as that was a limited offer just for newsletter subscribers.] Sign up for the newsletter [...]

New Intermediate Christmas Piano Solos (and a duet)!

Intermediate Holiday and Christmas Piano Solos (and Duets) I'm so excited about this new piece! It was intended to be just an arrangement of What Child is This for the early intermediate student, but alas, sometimes composing has a mind of its own. I found my fingers playing O Come O [...]

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New Easy Holiday Music for Elementary Piano Students

Christmas and Holiday Music for Elementary Piano Students Are you bored with your current Christmas and holiday music for elementary piano students? Well, be bored no more!! We've got all kinds of Christmas and holiday music for elementary piano students from extremely melancholy to extremely playful. But it ALL makes kids, [...]

New Reading and Rote Piece – Savannah Stalk

New Reading and Rote Piece! Do your students want BIG sounds that impress people but also love the beauty of the melancholy? Do you want to get your students ALL over the keyboard in a way that doesn't scare them? Do you want to develop beautiful technique, but find [...]

New Halloween Recital Music + New Fall Piano Music! – 7 pieces

New Halloween Recital Music & Favorites! New halloween recital music is hot off the press! Like our six other popular halloween pieces, this new one is easy to play but will amaze anyone who hears. Plus we have sales on some other popular fall and halloween themed pieces! [...]

New Modern Sonatina!

New Modern Sonatina Available Is there such a thing as a modern sonatina? How do you compose a modern sonatina? What makes a sonatina a sonatina anyway? Those are the questions I asked when the Katy Music Teachers Association commissioned me to write an elementary modern sonatina for their sonatina festival this [...]